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What affects the value of my car?

  • Make and model

    Some brands are more desirable than others and tend to have a higher valuation in the used cars market

  • Age and mileage

    How old your car is and how many miles it has covered will also affect its valuation

  • Your car’s condition

    A pristine car will be worth more than one with scratches on the wheels and bodywork

  • Service history

    If your car has a full service history it will have a higher valuation than a car with only a partial service history

  • Optional extras

    Cutting edge car valuation calculators (like carwow’s) will be able to account for the value of added extras

  • Number of previous owners

    If you’ve owned your car from new, it’ll likely have a higher valuation than a car that’s had numerous owners

  • Manufacturer’s warranty

    If your car is still under warranty from the manufacturer this can reassure buyers and increase your car’s value

  • Colour

    Some car colours are more popular than others. If your car is a desirable colour buyers may be prepared to pay more.

How much is my car worth?

Getting a free valuation for your car is easy through carwow. Simply upload a few photos and answer some questions, then you’ll get offers back for what your car is really worth.

How much your car is worth will depend on a few things such as age, mileage, condition and model. When you upload your car to carwow, we’ll provide you with an estimated valuation based on the details you provide.

Our trusted dealers will then look over your vehicle’s listing and give you offers for what your car is worth. Unlike other companies, carwow won’t knock money off your valuation. 90% of people who use carwow receive the agreed value from dealers. 83% of customers surveyed got their best price on carwow*.

It’s important to be honest in describing any damage or faults with your car, and upload as many photos as you can. This allows our dealers to give you an accurate valuation which they can stick to.

Car valuation FAQs

Yes, you can get a valuation for any car. Just upload a few photos and answer some simple questions and you’ll get a fair valuation.

Getting a valuation from carwow is quick and easy, as well as free. Plus, unlike some other sites, we won’t knock money off your valuation. In fact, 90% of carwow users receive the agreed valuation from dealers.

If you choose to sell your car to one of our dealers, they can come and collect the car from your home at a time to suit you, and transfer the money straight into your account. It’s as easy as that.

If your car has damage or faults which you don’t tell us about when you list it, this may cause your valuation to drop. This is why it's important to be completely honest when describing your car and take photos of any damage so our dealers can give you an accurate valuation.

You’ll more than likely get more money for your car by selling it rather than part exchanging, and it’s easy to sell your car through carwow.

Part exchanging, however, allows you to just drop your old car off and drive away in the new one. It also eliminates the gap between selling your old car and getting the new one. You won’t get as much for it though, as the dealer will want to leave room to make money on it when they sell it on.

Used car valuations are an estimate only based on the mileage, general condition and age of your car.

The true value of your vehicle will vary depending on a number of factors - such as service and MOT history, any wear, tear or damage your car may have and how much potential buyers will be willing to pay.

The good news is that increasing the value of your car can be relatively simple.

Before you take pictures, give it a good clean! A nice and shiny car is instantly more appealing to buyers and could even remove dirt and grime that may otherwise be confused for deeper marks.

If you have an MOT or service coming up, having those done before a sale will add value to - though it’s worth looking into the tradeoff of the cost before doing so. You should always have a valid MOT though as it’s a legal requirement for cars being used on public roads.

Every car sold suffers from what’s called depreciation. As soon as you drive a new car out of a dealership, it loses a significant percentage of its value. The more expensive a new car is, the faster it tends to depreciate.

As a rule of thumb, a three-year old car will be worth half the price of what it was worth when new, but some cars can depreciate faster (lose more value), than others.The make and model are the biggest factors, but other factors such as the condition of the car and the option you have affect depreciation too.

A lot of people might tell you that a car with 100,000 miles would be high and to avoid it — but that’s not strictly true.

While yes, higher mileage does generally indicate a car in worse condition than one with low mileage, more crucial is how well it’s been looked after.

Put it this way — you’re buying a car and two identical ones have caught your eye. There’s a difference, though.

One has 100,000 miles on it but a complete main dealer service history with regular work done on time, and with no cost spared.

The other has 50,000 miles on it but is missing a few services with some patchy history of where and by whom work was done by. Which are you going for?

Don’t worry, you don’t need a full in-depth history of every bit of work your car has had done to it to get a free valuation.

You just need to create a listing with carwow by providing mileage, the reg and a few pictures. As well as receiving offers from dealers interested in buying it, you’ll also get a free valuation estimate so you know if the deals you’re getting are good or not.

It’s no obligation either — you’re welcome to take the steps to get the valuation without accepting any of the offers that come your way.

Simply put, yes.

In a slightly more complex manner, the general specification of your car is taken into account behind the scenes but rather than basing the cost on how much you or the original owner paid for it, it's based on the worth of those add-ons now.

The higher or more sought-after the spec of your car, the more it’ll be worth.

Used car values are seeing something of a meteoric rise at the time of writing this — so this may be as good a time as any to consider selling your car.

In fact, why not take a look at the cars rising most in value right now? You might find your car there...

Yes, you can sell your car through carwow. Once you’ve created your listing to get your free valuation, you’ll also receive offers from our network of trusted dealers looking to buy it.

Not only does it make the process so much simpler with an instant car valuation, but it means you can get a fair and independent idea of how much your car is truly worth - allowing you to decide if an offer is right for you or not.

Buying a new car? You can also use carwow to part exchange your current car when buying a new model from one of our trusted dealers.

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