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Best luxury cars 2022

Luxury cars have a wide remit. Not only do they need to be, er, luxurious, but also quiet on the move, comfortable to sit in and drive as well as packed with the latest features and technology. Naturally, all that will come at a price. We’ve pulled together a list of the luxury cars that do it best.

Audi A8

1. Audi A8

Battery range up to 32 miles
Mercedes S-Class Saloon

2. Mercedes S-Class

Battery range up to 57 miles
carwow price from
£1,270* / month
Bentley Continental GT Blue

3. Bentley Continental GT

BMW 7 Series

4. BMW 7 Series

Battery range up to 27 miles
Porsche Panamera

5. Porsche Panamera

carwow price from
£1,019* / month

Most expensive cars on carwow

A basic Dacia Sandero costs around £8,000 and is about the same price as adding a refrigerated bottle cooler with frosted glass and bespoke crystal champagne flutes to the top car in this list. The combined price of all five cars here is over £1,000,000 and if you haven’t guessed already, here are the top 5 most expensive cars currently available on carwow.

1. Mercedes Maybach S-Class

2. Range Rover SVAutobiography


3. Bentley Mulsanne

4. Bentley Bentayga

Mercedes G-Class

5. Mercedes G-Class

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