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How to part exchange your car with carwow

Part exchange is when you sell your current car to help you pay for a new one. Traditionally, when you part exchange your car, you simply exchange your old car with a dealer in return for part of the price of a new model.

carwow takes the hassle out of buying a car and so it’s no surprise we also take the hassle out of selling the car you want to part exchange.

Instead of just negotiating with the dealer you are buying from to part exchange your car, you tell us some information about your car, add some photos, and we'll advertise it for free to our network of thousands of trusted dealers in the UK.

You get to compare more offers from more buyers (who may be more interested in your car than the dealer you're buying from) meaning you could easily trade your car for free for a great price with a great experience.

Here's how it works

1. Upload your vehicle

Just follow the simple instructions, which takes about 5 minutes, and upload details of your car including a few pictures. We will then advertise this, for free, to thousands of trusted buyers.

2. Multiple offers come through

Once your details have been uploaded they are broadcast to our network of thousands of potential buyers. Any buyers who are interested in bidding will then offer their best prices.

3. Choose the best offer

If you are happy with an offer, you can accept it, and the dealer will contact you on the phone number you provide. They will book an appointment with you to check and collect your vehicle.

Because the full appraisal of your car is done online, offers won't be haggled down when it comes to collection.

Once all is done, the dealer will send your payment directly.

You can then use all or part of that cash to buy your next new car. And that’s one of the key benefits of selling your car through carwow – you decide how you want to invest the cash from your car sale, unlike a part exchange at a dealership, where all the car’s value is transferred into the deposit for your next car.

How to get the best price for my part-exchange

How much you can get for your car depends on a number of factors. The make and model are probably the key one – some brands and cars are more desirable than others, therefore they hold on to more of their value and command a higher price.

The age and mileage will also have a big affect on how much your part-exchange car is worth. The older the car and the higher the mileage, generally the lower the valuation.

Equally important is your car's condition – scuffed alloy wheels and bumps and scratches will lower the value of your car, because we’ll need to sort them before we move it on again.

Lastly, have all your paperwork in order – a taxed car with a full service history and a valid MoT certificate is worth more than a similar car without. Make sure you also have your car’s registration certificate – called the V5C – to hand.

Can I part-exchange a leased car?

No, you cannot part exchange a leased car. Like renting a house, at no point during your leasing agreement will you actually own your car – it remains the property of the leasing company, even after your final payment. When your car leasing agreement has finished, you must return it to the leasing company.

Can you part-exchange a PCP car?

Yes, you can part-exchange a PCP car – provided there is no outstanding finance on the vehicle. Usually, you have the option to buy the car and own it outright when you reach the end of your PCP deal. But you don’t have to wait until the end of your contract to get into a new car. We can offer you a valuation based on the market value of the car and will settle the outstanding finance on the car for you.

It’s then up to you how much of your part-exchange cash to put down on a deposit – you have that flexibility.