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Ultra Low Emission Zone - London

How does carwow’s ULEZ checker work?

carwow’s free ULEZ checker uses your vehicle’s registration to tell you if your vehicle is compliant and whether you’ll need to pay the ULEZ charge. Our tool also shows you London’s Congestion Charge zone so you can find out if you’ll need to pay an additional £15 daily charge to drive into certain areas of the capital.

Our map also includes information about London’s Congestion Charge Zone (CCZ) the expanding ULEZ (which comes into force in 2023). You can see where the boundaries of these zones lie on the map, and whether your vehicle is compliant. Non-compliant vehicles will need to pay additional charges when entering the CCZ.

What is the London ULEZ? 

The London Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) was brought in as a way to reduce the number of high-polluting cars entering the capital, and it stretches as far as the North and South Circular roads. The ULEZ will expand on 29 August 2023, when it will cover almost all areas within the M25.

If your car isn’t ULEZ compliant, you’ll have to pay a fee to enter the ULEZ. It currently costs £12.50 for cars, motorcycles and vans, and £100 for larger vehicles such as trucks and coaches. 

Is my car ULEZ compliant?

The Ultra-Low Emission Zone mainly targets older vehicles which pollute more. If you have a petrol engined car, it needs to meet Euro 4 emissions standards to be ULEZ compliant. Euro 4 was introduced on every car built from 2005 onwards. 

The rules are much tougher on diesel models, as they need to meet Euro 6 emissions standards to be exempt from ULEZ charges. Euro 6 covers all diesel cars built after 2015. 

Electric cars are also ULEZ exempt. If you’re looking to change your car for something ULEZ compliant, carwow can help. You can sell your old car, and get a great deal on a new car or browse our stock of used cars, all from the comfort of your home.


If your car isn’t ULEZ compliant, it’ll cost you £12.50 for cars, motorcycles and vans. Larger vehicles such as trucks or coaches which aren’t compliant will cost £100 to enter the ULEZ.

You can pay the ULEZ charge online via the website. Simply enter your number plate and follow the instructions.

The London Ultra-Low Emissions Zone currently includes everything within the North and South Circular roads. From 29 August 2023, it will cover almost all areas within the M25.

The ULEZ applies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year, apart from Christmas day.

The ULEZ is enforced using number plate recognition cameras throughout London. If you drive past one and your car isn’t ULEZ compliant, it’ll be logged and you have to pay the charge.

The ULEZ is clearly signposted as you enter the capital. Keep an eye out for the green signs with ULEZ written in a white circle.

All electric cars are ULEZ exempt, along with all petrol cars which meet Euro 4 emissions standards and Euro 6 diesel models.

All petrol models built after 2005 will be Euro 4 compliant, whereas diesel models built from 2015 onwards will be Euro 6 compliant.

The ULEZ expanded in 2021 to include everything within the North and South circular roads, and it’s due to expand again in 2023. From 29 August 2023, the expanded ULEZ will take in areas up to Waltham Cross, to the east it will go as far as Upminster, while western points up to West Drayton and Longford will be affected, as will parts as far south as Coulsdon and Biggin Hill.

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